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Sunday, 28 October 2007

Expensive Perfumes In Small Bottles #4 (from Greece)

Here we have one more batch of three 7" singles from the 90's with their covers as usual:
1) Διάφανα Κρίνα - Λιώνοντας Μόνος (1994).
Their very rare first single on Wipe Out records. Greek poetic lyrics, dark and strong sound from one of the most famous greek groups in the 90's. Lots of thanks to 16forever for that. They have a perfect site here with eveything you need to know about them but only in greek.
2) Barbie's Dead - Room No. 9 (1995).
One of the best greek garage singles, on Fifth Dimension Records, their sole record with two perfect tracks. This, plus a handful of songs on some compilations compile their whole discography. Here some info about them.
3) Closer - Fly In The Milk (1995).
Their very rare first single on Studio II records. The very first edition was released in a corrugated cardboard cover, as above, and a magazine inside, only in 1500 numbered copies and now costs about 150 euros. A second edition in a normal single cover followed but it is long out of print now. Their first LP was so good that they managed to sign on Chrysalis/EMI. Take a look on their myspace site and try to find their albums.


α3 said...

150 euros? you just made my day (& potentially richer by 150 euros), hahaha!...

thanx for the barbie's dead 7", this one i didn't have. good job (as always),


Anonymous said...

XAXA..to 7" diafana krina,
exei tarifa peri ta 200 euros
euge gia to barbies dead..
eixa prothesi na to anebasw ki egw..duseureto,alla "ftino"..
to closer exei 2 version,
auto pou exeis anebasei einai
auto pou brisketai sunithws,
kai polu akriba..
tha sou anebasw ta ekswfulla,
me tin prwti eukairia..

costakisp,apo ta ksena..

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